Zamp Solar 120 Watt Panel
Zamp Solar 120 Watt Panel

Zamp Solar 120 Watt Panel

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Searching for a sustainable way to power your every adventure? Panels from Zamp will do just that. This 120 watt panel will give you up to 6.8 amps of freedom. Use that power to charge phones and laptops, run a fridge, turn on your lights, and keep you from running your battery dry when you're 100 miles from anything. 

Make sure to measure your available roof space before selecting panels. You will want a flat and solid surface to ensure your power producers don't end up in the windshield of the truck behind you. 


44.75" x 26.5" 

6.8 amps maximum output

Use this charge controller to regulate your sunshine juice and properly charge your batteries: