Mounting Kit - Metris Rear Side Window Curtain

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Mounting plates for ONE Metris Rear Side window curtain.  Includes 7 black steel bars 


  1. Hold up your curtain exactly where it will need to be to cover the window.  It is best to have a friend help hold up the curtain or to use non-marking tape to hold it in place over your window. 
  2. Start with the top 3 pairs of magnets first when inserting the metal bars.  Peeling back gently on the rubber seal around the window, carefully insert the metal bars so that the ends correspond with the two magnets in each magnet pair. 
  3. Make sure each bar can connect to two magnets on each end (the only exception is the lone magnet along the curve of the rear portion of the window. This bar will only have 1 magnet attach to it in the center).
  4. Attach the curtain to the top side of the window, making sure the curtain seams sit over the rubber trim. Do the same with the forward side and curved rear side. Take the bottom portion of the curtain and tuck it into the edges of the window for a snug fit.