Mounting Kit - Metris Slider Door Window Curtain

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Mounting plates for ONE Metris Slider Door Window.  Includes (7) adhesive backed stainless steel plates with protective film and (1) adhesive primer pouch.


  1. Start with the top row of magnet pouches for easier installation or have a friend hold the curtain up while you install each stainless-steel plate.  Press the seams near each magnet pouch as close to the window as possible.
  2. Using a pencil or chalk to mark where each pouch will need to be placed along the window frame. Each plate should go underneath where each pouch sits while pressed against the glass.
  3. Take some light cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol and clean the area with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Take the included primer pouch and gently clean the areas the plates will adhere to.
  4. Peel off the adhesive backing and protective film on the metal plates and carefully set where the curtain magnets will rest when the rear door curtains are up.
  5. Press down lightly and hold for 10 seconds and smooth out each plate.
  6. Remove protective film to reveal stainless-steel finish!