ProMaster 2014+ Rear Door Pair

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Tired of your nice big windows burning up your interior? Struggling to keep your van warm during the winter? These insulating window curtains are the solution for your rear door windows! We use a special insulation layer that works wonders to maintain your van's interior temps. The dark charcoal material and precision fit also give your van windows a full blackout. No more waking up at the crack of dawn because the sun didn't get the memo you were sleeping in!

If you have paneling lining the windows of your van (sometimes called "passenger style") or aftermarket windows, please email our customer service at: for additional mounting options.  

Each rear door curtain is specifically cut to fit its specified window.  Please check to make sure each item in your cart corresponds to the correct window.

All Insulating Curtains are IN STOCK!  Orders are shipped out Tuesdays and Thursdays!  If you have questions about production times or need items by a certain date, please send us an email at

These are ADF Sprinters exclusive parts. Designed and manufactured in house and under strict quality control.

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